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5 Common IT Problems Keeping Business Owners Up At Night [And How To Solve Them]


As a business leader, you’re probably familiar with the common problems that can arise with your company’s IT systems. For example, having an outdated system or servers that are constantly crashing can cause enormous headaches for you and your team. But don’t worry—there are some simple solutions to these common IT problems, and in this blog, we’ll explore five of them.

Problem #1: Unsecured Wi-Fi Networks

The Solution:
Keeping your workplace Wi-Fi network secure should be one of your highest tech priorities. A compromised network can result in more than just productivity problems. It can also lead to data breaches and financial damages if sensitive information is accessed by malicious parties.
Fortunately, there are some simple steps you can take to keep your wireless network safe. Make the admin password complex, and don’t share it with others. Also, ensure that any open networks require authentication and disable all unused ports on the router.
Additionally, you should consider encrypting all data sent through the network and setting up a VPN (Virtual Private Network) so that only authorised users can access the network.

Problem #2: Outdated Software

The Solution:
Keeping your office computers up to date with the latest software is essential for maintaining and increasing productivity. Updates often provide additional features and functionalities, reduce the need for maintenance, and fix any security issues. With newer versions of the software designed with the latest technologies in mind, they tend to run faster and more efficiently than their predecessors. As such, your employees spend less time waiting and more time getting things done. Ensuring the relevant software programs on your office PCs are updated pays off in terms of increased safety and performance gains. A must if you want to stay ahead of the competition!

Problem #3: Poor Backup Protocols

The Solution:
Ensuring the security of your business IT system isn’t something to take lightly. Without proper backup protocols and strategies, you risk losing priceless data and hours of productivity if disaster strikes. Losing customer data can also put you at risk of legal action.
So, taking the time to develop data backups and recovery plans is essential for protecting your company against potential threats that can be devastating if not properly guarded against.
A suitable backup protocol should include local backups (e.g., to external hard drives) and cloud backups (e.g., Google Drive or Dropbox). We also recommend regularly scheduling backups to ensure that your systems remain safe in a disaster or emergency.

Problem #4: Inadequate Security Measures
The Solution:

Cybersecurity should never be taken lightly, especially in a professional office where confidential information needs to remain secure. In today’s digital world, one wrong mouse click could mean a lost customer or a security breach that could have far-reaching implications.
Robust cybersecurity measures are essential for any IT system, allowing good cyber hygiene practices to be implemented and monitored on an ongoing basis. This can protect passwords, financial records, and data from intruders and malicious attempts to gain unauthorised access.
Having solid cyber security measures in place can also ensure compliance with laws and regulations governing the handling of sensitive information.
So, make sure all of your systems have adequate security measures, such as firewalls, anti-virus software, two-factor authentication, etc. Additionally, ensure that all employee passwords are regularly changed and kept secure at all times.

Problem #5: Poor User Training

The Solution:
User training is one of the key aspects to guaranteeing that your company’s IT systems run without a glitch. Poorly trained users can lead to slow software performance, difficulty troubleshooting technical issues, and a lack of progress in achieving goals. That’s why investing in user training protocols is so essential. It helps users work with their devices efficiently and instils an understanding of best practices and cyber security measures they should be taking daily.
Good user training doesn’t just give users the knowledge they need. It also encourages them to stay up-to-date with any new changes or updates that occur over time and keeps them informed about cyber safety guidelines. The more invested your team is in understanding the technology being used, the smoother your IT operations will likely go!

In Short

Whether you’re dealing with unsecured Wi-Fi networks or poor user training, there are solutions available for each of these common IT problems businesses face today. By implementing these solutions into your organisation’s IT infrastructure, you have taken steps towards protecting yourself from cyber threats or disasters. With these tips, you can tackle those troublesome IT issues head-on!

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