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Office 365 is Microsoft’s newest cloud-based subscription platform that gives users access to business class applications and e–mail. Office 365 encompasses all your usual office applications including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and many more that you might not have heard of.  

Because Office 365 is cloud based, it enables users to login and check e–mails or shared documents from anywhere in the world, all stored on a secure and easy to navigate webpage. Some of the packages also offer the ability to download the Office suite directly onto your computer and will work even if you go offline. Each licence from Office 365 gives the user 1TB of online storage through OneDrive, which is enough to store up to 2 million photos. 

Many businesses are now migrating to hosted solutions for their e–mail or document storage and Office 365 is one of the best in class. Not only does it offer secure e–mailing through exchange but it also gives users the ability to store and share documents in OneDrive. SMEs that utilise Office 365 to it’s full protentional can save having to buy costly on-premise servers or storage.  

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Our aim has always been to provide the best solutions and service to our customers. Whether you’re a start-up that’s unsure how to setup business emails or you’re an existing SME that’s moving away from G Suite or on-premise servers, we want to help.  

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