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At Harry Solutions we offer a range of professional services to our clients. Our most common requested services are shown below.
If you can not see what you are looking for then please do not hesitate to contact us.


Your IT systems are crucial to your business and we understand that it can be very frustrating when these fail. Our managed support packages will ensure your business stays at it’s most efficient and productive. We use a proactive approach to your company’s needs and will constantly monitor your systems to ensure servers, computers, routers or switches are all operating at their best.




It is now more important than ever for SMEs to ensure their data is backed up. Almost half of UK business suffered a cyber attack last year and many of those will have either recovered very little or no data at all. A good backup solution is the greatest defence against an attack and choosing the right method can be vital to keeping your continuity plan watertight. 


By utilising the latest technology Harry Solutions can improve the network security in your business. We know the needs of small businesses and we will provide the most cost-effective solution that gives you the highest level of security. You can sleep easy knowing that your network and data is safe.   


Whether you require a complete data network install or additional network sockets our comprehensive service will ensure your organization is completely satisfied. We make it our mission to minimize costly downtime and we can deal with your internet provider or BT to ensure everything is ready for you to use.  


Wireless networks are key to staying connected within your organisation. Our complete wireless solution will ensure you never need to worry about slow or dropping connections, and our industry proven equipment will provide you with the maximum speeds.   

Wi-Fi access points can also be the target for cyber criminals. Harry Solutions will ensure your network has the highest level of security. We can also set up separate guest networks for visitors so your security is never compromised.  

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